What we are doing?

Technology can be emotional, should contribute to a sense of greater well-being, should be well made and make its function simply accessible. Only if this unique design is combined with an excellent sound experience and remains affordable then it could be a YAMAZOKi product – made 4you!

We develop and produce together with our young designers mobile audio products for the world market, which do not only sound astounding good but clearly stand out in the design from other providers. They have a high processing quality as we want that you profit from them a long time.

In addition to ergonomic optimized forms and the mobile flexible applications in which MOKTAK adapts easily to any surroundings, the intensive haptic perception plays an important role for the world wide unique designed stereo loudspeaker MOKTAK. Therefore, our first product, MOKTAK-stereo Bluetooth speaker system is not only well processed with high quality materials but it feels very good. The consequent high quality standard does not stop as regards an elaborately and nice as well as durable package – we want to enthuse you before the commissioning! Due to its changing possibilities and its variety of colours, YAMAZOKI and MOKTAK stand for a positive, open-minded, tolerant and flexible lifestyle which wants to communicate and is always presen (in no case a type of monotonous or inflexible).

Freedom and mobility are now for young and old people in the era of smartphones important elements of our daily life. The more important is more quality for listening, viewing and feeling of the mostly used companion, the smartphone. By this means we want to offer you more individual and common mobile possible uses.

YAMAZOKI products should not vanish somewhere in the cupboard, but rather be part of our daily, individual surroundings wherever we are staying – they should be as natural as our smart watch as we are wearing it when we walk through the city, go swimming, go for a walk or ride a bike (MOKTAK does not fear the rain) – in short: in the most diversified activities ( hang over the ladder when one needs both arms, hang over the branch when I relax in the hammock or hang over the chair when I cook). The MOKTAK PRO packages in 8 different colours do not only decorate every DVD- or book shelf but can be used as a stable storage box (e.g. for batteries) - too god to throw it away - a small contribution to relieving the environment....
Einige Kunden haben uns bereits praktische und lustige Ideen zugesandt, wie sie die Verpackung im täglichen Leben nutzen.

A few of our customers already have sent us practical and funny ideas how they use the packages in their daily life. Do you have also a special idea? Please do not hesitate to contact us and write us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A few of our customers already have sent us practical and funny ideas how they use the packages in their daily life. Do you have also a special idea? Please do not hesitate to contact us and write us at:


By the way – there is still something: As of 2016, we have engaged the enthusiastic Heather as YAMAZOKI product ambassador who is active for us and of course, for you all. She will be present in the future on many photos on our website, on packages, posters, brochures etc. and she will be personally present on events and will show you in a blog the unbelievable various pleasant possibilities how to use MOKTAK and further future YAMAZOKI-products!


YAMAZOKi - feel the soundful design.


  • March 2016 - MOKTAK PRO is available in Europe and is presented at the tradeshow CeBIT
  • February 2016 - Heather is product ambassador @ YAMAZOKi
  • November 2015 - Jan Nintemann becomes a partner of YAMAZOKi GmbH
  • September 2015 - First pre-serial samples of MOKTAK PRO are shown at IFA 2015
  • January - Juli 2015 - Development of MOKTAK PRO – second generation of MOKTAK
  • October 2014 - First prototypes of product innovations SALI and KAMO
  • June 2014 - Product launch in Europe
  • February 2014 - Foundation of YAMAZOKi GmbH in Passau
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