Looks good.

Round and ergonomic forms fit to people. If the material also feels smoothly as well as soft and additionally cheerful colours catch your eye, at...

Designer: Soohun Jung

Designer: Soohun Jung

A young student Sohoon Jung from Korea is YAMAZOKi designer and created the model MOKTAK. His warm, spiritual strategy of inventing new technical products show a deep understanding and love of nature as well as a great respect for people and their creations which he thinks are mostly successful when they are borrowed from the nature and partly also from old traditions.

Sounds better.

...last but not least: play a wonderful stereo sound in the ears of the people. Then all senses are spurred to the pleasant - and then everything will be easier, better, more beautiful... Because in contrast to all other loudspeakers you hear with the MOKTAK PRO real stereo sound, which also produces a spatial sound even in the forest - and you deal with ONE device - instead with 2 separated loudspeaker boxes as with other bluetooth loudspeakers. The flexible bracket between the loudspeakers is simultaneously the general hanger of MOKTAK PRO which can be put smoothly around your neck, shoulder, a branch of a tree or a door. It cannot be easier or more comfortable.

Of course, you can wear MOKTAK PRO on a walk through the rain because he is water resistant. With the included microphone and both loudspeakers you have a comfortable hands-free module for telephoning with one person or more people - with very clear voices, it seems that your person to talk to would be in the same room as you are! Do you know comparable multifunctional loudspeakers in 8 different colours where you can choose your favourite colour? By the way: You can use all above-mentioned applications up to 8 hours - this is the time how long the stable MOKTAK PRO battery lasts! 

Technical data

  • not hydrophobic
  • tranquility desired - simply close
  • multiconnect – companions welcome
  • athletic – lasts long by
  • eight color - choose one
  • simple operation included
  • great spatial sound
more information: download datasheet

  • easy

    If your style is not everyday and a musical friend fits you

  • natural

    When an entertainer who also likes to tell stories the family supplements colorfully

  • tough

    When it comes to it: endurance for eight hours and no bad wather attitudesl

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