If your style is not everyday and you find a partner with whom you can divide it.



    If the favorite radio play for Kids is the favorite radio play of the adults - where always also conjured up.


    If happy expectation on the later lends to your everyday life wing.

Do what you want to do. When and where you want to do it.

You want to be alone sometimes. However you are not alone (anymore), as HE is always there, MOKTAK PRO, whenever you need him. He make your moments more beautiful, your time, day and night - if you are alone or with a friend or with many people. Wherever you are. Privately, or in school or job. Inside or outside. City or countryside. Enjoy music - and share it with others.
Your music.

Dip into the world from YAMAZOKi.

The live is not boring. No reason, to rum slopes. MOKTAK PRO helps you, to expect interesting areas and to find best friends, because everybody loves it.
Try it - you will see. 

  • In 2016 YAMAZOKi on the IFA in Berlin

    In 2016 YAMAZOKi present itself on the international radio exhibition in Berlin.

  • MOKTAK PRO in the magazine "Digitalhome"

    The trade press likes MOKTAK PRO. In September the magazine "Digitalhome" has reported issue in detail over here.

  • MOKTAK PRO available on Amazon

    Since the middle of June 2016 the MOKTAK PRO is already available on Amazon in Germany.

  • MOKTAK PRO in the asian market

    Since this year the loudspeaker MOKTAK PRO is also being offered to asian consumers.